Academic Info


Each contestant shall be passing all coursework for which credit is given and shall be making adequate progress toward graduation requirements at the end of each semester. This would include Physical Education and Driver Education classes taken at the school.    

Subject to the provision below regarding contestants in interscholastic baseball or softball, if at the end of any grading period a contestant is given a failing grade in any course for which credit is awarded, the contestant is ineligible to dress for and compete in the next occurring interscholastic athletic contest and for 30 calendar days from the first competition date for that sport as established by the governing association. A grading period at DC-G is defined as a semester grade. For classes that are blocked (i.e. construction tech), the grading period would be at the end of each quarter.

Students participating in Music or Speech/Debate activities are subject to the Department of Education/Iowa High School Speech Association and Iowa High School Music Association guidelines at the conclusion of each semester. A student who receives a failing grade at the end of the semester will be ineligible to participate in extra curricular activities which would not affect their classroom marks in the following semester. The period of ineligibility will be 30 calendar days from the beginning of the next semester. The penalty may or may not be served, depending on the competitions scheduled and activities involved.     

A student who withdraws from a class during the semester will receive a failing grade in that class as a result of his/her withdrawal will be subject to the above ineligibility. A student who withdraws from a class prior to the guideline established for withdrawal from a class will not be subject to penalty under this policy.

Students who receive incomplete grades at the end of a semester and have documented reasons (i.e. serious health issues) for the incomplete will have two weeks following the semester to complete the work. This must be determined in advance of the end of the semester and determined by the administration. If the grade is posted as an “F”, the student will start their period of ineligibility the next school day. A student who has an incomplete grade without documented reasons (lack of work completion) will be ineligible until the final grade is determined.     

A student with a disability who has an individualized education program shall not be denied eligibility on the basis of scholarship if the student is making adequate progress, as determined by school officials, toward the goals and objectives on the studentís individualized education program. This determination will include student effort, work completion, and whether the student is seeking needed extra help.

If a student goes two consecutive semesters with no failing grades, any penalty that has not been served will be waived.

If a student transfers in from another Iowa school or school district and the student had not yet completed a period of ineligibility, the student will be ineligible at DCG until the penalty is served.

A student must complete the activity season they are in for any ineligibility to be counted as served.   

If a student is in a music/speech activity and an athletic activity they must serve the ineligibility periods for both.

The academic policy will take priority over a Good Conduct Code violation and the ineligibility periods will be served consecutively, unless the student has received a Good Conduct Code violation prior to the issuance of the academic penalty or prior to the end of the previous semester, in which case the student will serve the ineligibility penalties concurrently.

The first calendar day of ineligibility is the next calendar day after the grade is determined and not prior to the 1st day of the 2nd Semester or the first weekday after the second semester.

Direct extensions of the curriculum, which are not extra curricular contests or competition, will not be subject to this policy.  

In addition, students must meet eligibility requirements during semester as follows:  
  • Student must be passing four classes at 2 1/2 weeks and five classes at 4 1/2 wks, 6 1/2 wks and at quarter (report card time) to remain eligible. This would include Band and Vocal.
  • If eligibility #1 is met and a student is failing the same class two consecutive Progress Reports (including report cards) the student must be making progress (handing in work, seeking extra help, showing improvement in grades) in the class to retain eligibility.  If they are not making progress in the class, the student is ineligible for a minimum of one calendar week.